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[Photos]102-1 Game Industry Introduction

102-1 Game Industry Introduction

[Photos]102-1 Hualien Cup

102-1 Hualien Cup

[Photos]101-2 TCGA

101-2 TCGA

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[Photos]101-2 End of Semester Gathering

101-2 End of Semester Gathering

[Photos]101-1 Hot Pot & Fun

101-1 Hot Pot & Fun

[Photos]101-1 Freshmen Cup

101-1 Freshmen Cup

[Photos]101-1 Student Honor Roll

101-1 Student Honor Roll

[Photos]101-1 CSIE Day-reunion

101-1 CSIE Day-reunion

[Photos]101-1 CSIE Day-Competition Part2

101-1 CSIE Day-Competition Part2

[Photos]101-1 CSIE Day-Competition Part1

101-1 CSIE Day-Competition Part1

[Photos]100-2 Final Project

100-2 Final Project

[Photos]100-2 Gifts for Graduates

100-2 Gifts for Graduates

[Photos]100-1 Orientation Camp

100-1 Orientation Camp

[Photos]99-2 Teacher Appreciation Banquet

99-2 Teacher Appreciation Banquet

[Photos]99-2 The end of term reunion

99-2 The end of term reunion

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