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Departmental Chairman

吳秀陽 (Shiow-Yang Wu) - Professor and Chairman of the Department
Office 工C308 LAB Pervasive Computing and Data Management
Personal Website
Phone 03-863-4020/4011 Research Data and Knowledge Base Systems
Mobile and Cloud Computing
Distributed Processing
Personal Service
RFID Data Management
Network Service
Office Hour Tuesday 15:00-16:00
Background Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin Publications Show


Departmental Committee

2015~2016 School Year Committees
2015.07.30 update

Note1:The professor's name listed on the first is the chairman of that committee.
Note2:Professor Ching-Nung Yang will be on vacation, and research since 104.08~105.02.
     Professor Mau-Tsuen Yang will be on vacation, and research since 104.08~105.07.
     Professor Chang-Hsiung Tsai will be expected to be on vacation, and research since 105.02~105.07.




Faculty Evaluation

Shiow-Yang Wu、Chenn-Jung Huang、Sheng-Lung Peng、Shou-Chih Lo、Han-Ying Kao、Guan-Ling Lee、Shi-Jim Yen

Appointment, promotion and other relevant affairs of teacher interests

Graduate Study

Han-Ying Kao、Chenn-Jung Huang、Shi-Jim Yen、Sheng-Lung Peng、Min-Xiou Chen、Hsin-Chou Chi、Chang-Hsiung Tsai (104-1)、Ching-Nung Yang (104-2)

ALL Graduate Study related affairs

Educational Affairs

Shou-Chih Lo、Tao-Ku Chang、Pao-Lien Lai、Guan-Ling Lee、Chenn-Jung Huang、Min-Xiou Chen、Cheng-Chin Chiang

ALL Undergraduate Study related affairs, review major transfering application, credit substitution process, Comprehensive Curriculum Guide

Course and Program Plan

Cheng-Chin Chiang、Shih-Chien Chou、Chung Yung、I-Cheng Chang、Tao-Ku Chang、Pao-Lien Lai、Chih-Hung Lai

Establish course systems, Class arrangement, Special Topic study for undergraduate studens

Educational Core and Ability Evaluation

Shi-Jim Yen、I-Cheng Chang、Shou-Chih Lo、Shih-Chien Chou、Chih-Hung Lai

Establish Students’ basic qualities, core abilities, academic knowledge, professional skills, and Evaluate students' learning results

International Affairs Committee

Chung Yung、Han-Ying Kao、Guan-Ling Lee、Hsin-Chou Chi、Sheng-Lung Peng

Recruitment & Alumini Relation

Min-Xiou Chen、Chung Yung、Cheng-Chin Chiang、Hsin-Chou Chi、Guan-Ling Lee

Public Relationship and Image, International and Domestic Recruitment, Contact alumini

Student Affairs Committee

I-Cheng Chang、Han-Ying Kao

Advisors for CSIE Student Association and Students' General Affairs

Budget & Audit

Tao-Ku Chang、Shou-Chih Lo、Shi-Jim Yen、Min-Xiou Chen、Shih-Chien Chou

Plan Budget, Evaluate award, Audit expenses

Academic & Industrial Cooperation

Hsin-Chou Chi、Chih-Hung Lai、Chang-Hsiung Tsai、(104-1)、Ching-Nung Yang (104-2)

Speech Invitation, Conference Plan, Academic & Industrial Cooperation.

Resource Plan

Sheng-Lung Peng、Chenn-Jung Huang、I-Cheng Chang、Tao-Ku Chang、Pao-Lien Lai

1.Library-related affairs, order journey and newspapers
2. Computer Center-related affairs, Server Management, PC classroom, Departmental Webpage Design
3. Equipments and Systems Management, Spece Allocation

Faculty Development and Enhancement Committee

Pao-Lien Lai、Chung Yung、Chih-Hung Lai


Departmental Certification & Evaluation

All Teachers

Departmental Accreditation, Program Certification, Mid & Long term Development

Student Organization and Club

Student Organization and Club of NDHU CSIE

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